Brazing on sealed refrigeration systems just got a lot easier

Most recently demonstrated at the NASC convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, American Beauty Tools’ resistance brazing system (Model 10557-C) continues to amaze and delight appliance servicers across North America.

American Beauty’s Popular Resistance Brazing System

American Beauty’s most popular brazing system is its 1,800 Watt system which features three unique output settings easily capable of generating enough heat to flow even the highest silver content brazing alloys. The system comes complete with two different hand pieces, small and large, to ensure maximum versatility.

The magic of a resistance brazing system is the speed with which the heat to flow the braze alloy is generated. By design, a low voltage, high amperage user safe current is forced through highly resistive electrodes, generating instantaneous heat. There is absolutely no flame involved, making the system perfectly suitable for facilities that have restricted the use of torches. Servicers have found that eliminating the torch from their brazing operations, greatly reduces the amount thermal damage caused to surrounding components and housings and the associated costs of such damage both in terms of money and reputation. One final benefit is just how easy the system is to use, reducing training time.

The specialty transformer that is the heart of the system is encased in a heavy-duty steel enclosure, protecting your investment for years to come. A convenient carrying compartment is built into the housing to allow for storage of the hand pieces. The robust nature of the brazing electrodes results in lower overall consumable costs than those associated with torch systems.

Professional Service Association members are eligible to purchase this system which usually retails at $1,675, for the special discounted price of $1,150. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer to experience what everybody else has been talking about.

Order your American Beauty Resistance Brazing System online or call at 800.550.2510.