Resistance soldering allows you to solder faster. Professional soldering has never been easier to incorporate into your applications. This site will outline the advantages as well as links to find resistance soldering and thermal wirestripping systems.


Resistance soldering is the name applied to a technique where the heat to melt solder (or strip wire) is instantaneously generated by passing a high amerage electrical current through a resistive material. There are three key components of resistance soldering:

  1. A specialized step-down transformer that will generate the appropriate current
  2. A resistive material to generate the heat
  3. The ability to complete an electrical circuit


  1. Heating is instantaneous and confined to solder connection. This helps the user to easily create a more professional solder joint.
  2. Resistance soldering is many times faster than soldering with traditional irons.
  3. Resistance soldering handpieces cool extremely fast, reducing risk of serious injury.
  4. Resistance soldering electrodes and elements last 2-3 times longer than traditional soldering iron tips, greatly reducing replacement costs.
  5. Resistance soldering systems are easily customized to particular applications, helping to achieve optimum soldeirng results with minimum effort and training.
  6. Footswitch allows the ability to “cold fixture”, creating a free hand for the operator.
  7. Perfect for work in confined spaces.
  8. Handpieces are considerably lighter than a soldering iron, thereby reducing operator fatigue.
  9. More efficient use of electricity creates savings on power consumption costs.
  10. Many difficult soldering applications, including heatsink problems, are best solved with the concentrated and controlled heat that resistance soldering systems provide.


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